There were 318 entries judged and 126 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stCory DayJurassic Beer17B: Old AleVanbrewers
2ndEric HussmannPan Pacific Belgian25A: Belgian Blond Ale
3rdAlex CochranTopham Road English Brown13B: English Brown Ale

Best of Show – Cider

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stMike PalRhubarbarooC2B: Cider with Other Fruit
2ndTj Tully
Co-Brewer: Adam Ivanusec, Robin Mahony, Bapi Vinnakota
Creature ComfortC2F: Specialty Cider/PerryVanbrewers
3rdShevelle StephensFruityC2B: Cider with Other FruitEdmonton Homebrewers Guild

Best of Show – Mead

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stAaron BrownOaked BochetM4C: Experimental MeadSaskatoon Headhunters
2ndStephen SnuddenTraditional OBM1C: Sweet MeadKABOB
3rdStephen SnuddenLacto Soured OBM4C: Experimental MeadKABOB

Winning Entries

Table 1: Czech Lager (12 entries)

1stAlex CochranTopham Road Czech Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark Lager
2ndCory DayCzech Please3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager
3rdCory DayCzech Mate3C: Czech Amber Lager

Table 2: Pale Euro Beer (14 entries)

1stKen AllanCrispy Nectar5D: German Pils
2ndMarie-Annick ScottStöltinghaus5B: Kolsch
3rdMichael VandervoortMosaic City's Kolsch5B: Kolsch

Table 3: SHV's (15 entries)

1stSteve ShawThe Nutty Professor30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndDustin BanksThe Antepenultimate Christmas Extravaganza 30C: Winter Seasonal Beer
3rdMichael VandervoortMosaic City's Imperial Coffee Stout 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 4: Am. Porter and Stouts (10 entries)

1stJeremy CowanThe Overly Enthusiastic Throat-Punch Of Doom20C: Imperial Stout
2ndMatt BallykDark Matter20B: American Stout
3rdChelsea Tessier13th Day Imperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout

Table 5: Am. Light Beer+Int. Pale Lager (11 entries)

1stMichael VandervoortMains Lager1B: American Lager
2ndJeremy Cowan
Co-Brewer: Brendan Bohaychuk
Where Tears Go To Cry1B: American Lager
3rdAlex CochranTopham Road American Lite1A: American Light Lager

Table 6: Dark British Beer (12 entries)

1stMatt BallykBermuda Triangle16C: Tropical Stout
2ndDustin BanksIs That Oaty Enough?16B: Oatmeal Stout
3rdNik KozubBreakfast16B: Oatmeal Stout

Table 7: Amber Euro Beer (13 entries)

1stBrendan BohaychukMolly's Oktoberfest6A: Marzen
2ndMarie-Annick ScottChmod 7556C: Dunkels Bock
3rdAaron Krywicki
Co-Brewer: Ty Keep
Makers Vienna7A: Vienna Lager

Table 8: Trad, Spiced, and Specialty Mead (12 entries)

1stAaron BrownOaked BochetM4C: Experimental Mead
2ndStephen SnuddenTraditional OBM1C: Sweet Mead
3rdStephen SnuddenLacto Soured OBM4C: Experimental Mead

Table 9: Dark Lager (9 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottWestfalischeser 8A: Munich Dunkel
2ndCory DayPun Free Schwarzbier8B: Schwarzbier
3rdRobert DoerksenProminence Black Lager8B: Schwarzbier

Table 10: British Beer (9 entries)

1stEric ParkerBurwood Mantle12A: English Golden Ale
2ndEric HussmannPug Fuggly12C: English IPA
3rdTrevor ArmstrongS.O.B ESB11C: Strong Bitter

Table 11: Fruit Mead (10 entries)

N/A :

Table 12: German and Belgian Wheat Beer (12 entries)

1stJennifer TurnerCan I Getta WIT-Ness?!24A: Witbier
2ndJason CrichtonBroken Glass24A: Witbier
3rdChris Potts Wit You Talkin' Bout24A: Witbier

Table 13: Scottish and Irish Beer (13 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottConnemarra 15A: Irish Red Ale
2ndAlex CochranTopham Road Irish Stout15B: Irish Stout
3rdNick Hodowsky Scotty McScottface14C: Scottish Export

Table 14: Brown British Beer (16 entries)

1stAlex CochranTopham Road English Brown13B: English Brown Ale
2ndAlex CochranTopham Road Dark Mild13A: Dark Mild
3rdJay AvrettCharlie Brown Nut Ale13B: English Brown Ale

Table 15: Fruit Beer (8 entries)

1stLee Oldenburg
Co-Brewer: Trina Moulin
Cherry Jubilee29A: Fruit Beer
2ndSteve ShawSoniarita29B: Fruit and Spice Beer
3rdCory DayThe SRP29C: Speciality Fruit Beer

Table 16: Pale American Beer (12 entries)

1stMike PalAlmost Famous APA18B: American Pale Ale
2ndMarcelo PanizaToo Bitter For Compadre18B: American Pale Ale
3rdChelsea TessierShe's So Blonde Ale18A: Blonde Ale

Table 17: Historical Alt. Fermentables, and Smoked Beer (11 entries)

1stAlvaro ReyesRye 431A: Alternative Grain Beer
2ndJay AvrettCanada Day Celebration Maple Milk Stout31B: Alternative Sugar Beer
3rdJennifer TurnerThai One On (Again)31A: Alternative Grain Beer

Table 18: Strong Belgian (9 entries)

1stEric HussmannPan Pacific Belgian25A: Belgian Blond Ale
2ndDean KellyGold And Strong25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
3rdMike PalMC625A: Belgian Blond Ale

Table 19: Strong European and British Beer (11 entries)

1stCory DayJurassic Beer17B: Old Ale
2ndGerard BrennanMalty Tombstone17D: English Barleywine
3rdClayton HoySamichlaus Is Coming To Town9A: Doppelbock

Table 20: Wood Aged and Speciality Beer (17 entries)

1stAlvaro Reyes
Co-Brewer: Alex Cochran
Candy Coloured Clown34C: Experimental Beer
2ndGerard BrennanBarrel Aged For The Brave And Wobbly Legged33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
3rdTyrone KeepIt's Dark Inside33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
HMKevin CollinsUn Año - Tequila Fresh Hop34C: Experimental Beer

Table 21: IPA and American Strong Ale (22 entries)

1stGraeme BredoWheat Kings22D: Wheatwine
2ndMichael VandervoortHurricane Nat DIPA 22A: Double IPA
3rdMichael VandervoortChloe21B: Specialty IPA

Table 22: Sour and Wild Ale (20 entries)

1stTravis MushanskiCherry Brettliner28C: Wild Specialty Beer
2ndJeffrey ArcherYue Ming Lin Xia Mei Ren Lai28C: Wild Specialty Beer
3rdTravis MushanskiBrettliner28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer

Table 23: Trappist (13 entries)

1stJay AvrettRemapped Sweet Belgian Lov'n IV26B: Belgian Dubbel
2ndAlvaro Reyes
Co-Brewer: Alex Cochran
50 Million Year Tripel26C: Belgian Tripel
3rdMike PalMissed Connection 626A: Trappist Single

Table 24: Amber and Brown American Beer (13 entries)

1stMatt BallykBrown Ale19C: American Brown Ale
2ndJay AvrettHawkesbury Meets Hermosa Beach19B: California Common
3rdAdam GrahamRichie's Red19A: American Amber Ale

Table 25: Cider (14 entries)

1stMike PalRhubarbarooC2B: Cider with Other Fruit
2ndTj Tully
Co-Brewer: Adam Ivanusec, Robin Mahony, Bapi Vinnakota
Creature ComfortC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry
3rdShevelle StephensFruityC2B: Cider with Other Fruit