There were 243 entries judged and 81 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stDean KellyTartigrade Lemonade28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour BeerSaskatoon Headhunters
2ndMarie-Annick ScottA German In Helles4A: Munich HellesEdmonton Homebrewers Guild
3rdPaul HeslopBrowned Out19C: American Brown Ale

Winning Entries

Table 1: Int. Lager +Pale Malty Euro Lager (8 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottA German In Helles4A: Munich Helles
2ndAlvaro ReyesSomething To Taco'Bout2B: International Amber Lager
3rdCory DayDrop The Base2A: International Pale Lager
HMAlvaro ReyesBesty Fest4B: Festbier

Table 2: Amber Bitter Euro Beer+Amber Malty Euro Lager+Dark Euro Lager (10 entries)

1stPaul HeslopOh Vienna7A: Vienna Lager
2ndAlex CochranJodler Konig6A: Marzen
3rdGreg PatersonSail Hatan8B: Schwarzbier

Table 3: Pale Bitter Euro Beer+Czech Lager (12 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottWenceslaus3D: Czech Dark Lager
2ndAlex CochranPivo Cervene3C: Czech Amber Lager
3rdCory DayCzech Please3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager

Table 4: Standard American Beer (6 entries)

1stAlex CochranChicken Attack1C: Cream Ale
2ndJon MainsMains Light1A: American Light Lager
3rdJon MainsMains Lager1B: American Lager
HMMarie-Annick ScottPisswasser1B: American Lager

Table 4: Dopppelbock (4 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottChmod 7779A: Doppelbock
2ndAlex CochranKremulator9A: Doppelbock

Table 5: German Wheat (7 entries)

1stDustin BanksSudden Clarity10A: Weissbier
2ndMarkus EbnerSweet Weiss Of Mine10A: Weissbier
3rdJohn AvrettHefen Can Wait - I'm Making Beer10A: Weissbier

Table 6: Bitters (9 entries)

1stDustin BanksGood Advice11A: Ordinary Bitter
2ndRobert DoerksenJuno Beach ESB11C: Strong Bitter
3rdKevin O'ReillyAshburne Best Bitter11B: Best Bitter

Table 7: Brown British Beer (13 entries)

1stCory DayBrowntown13C: English Porter
2ndHaydon DewesOliver's Own13A: Dark Mild
3rdNick Hodowsky Please Pass The Gravy13B: English Brown Ale
HMAaron Krywicki
Co-Brewer: Tyrone Keep
Entered To Style13C: English Porter

Table 8: Irish and Scottish Red Beer (6 entries)

1stKevin O'ReillyAngus McBeer14C: Scottish Export
2ndAlex CochranCrimson Beast15A: Irish Red Ale
3rdDustin BanksShilling For Your Thoughts14A: Scottish Light

Table 9: Stout (10 entries)

1stAaron KrywickiLittle Big Stout16D: Foreign Extra Stout
2ndWalter Martin
Co-Brewer: Al Ilsley
Stout16A: Sweet Stout
3rdNick Hodowsky Spreadsheets & Rye16D: Foreign Extra Stout

Table 10: Strong British Beer (7 entries)

1stBilly WalkerOld Ale 1617B: Old Ale
2ndCasey MurrayBarleywine17D: English Barleywine
3rdGerard BrennanBelfast Bomber17D: English Barleywine

Table 11: Pale Ale (8 entries)

1stRobert DoerksenSunset Over The Rocks18B: American Pale Ale
2ndPaul HeslopHey Blondie18A: Blonde Ale
3rdTravis Mushanski7C's Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale

Table 12: Am. Amber and Brown Beer (11 entries)

1stPaul HeslopBrowned Out19C: American Brown Ale
2ndMarc RaymondHopped-Up Brown 19C: American Brown Ale
3rdMichael VandervoortThe Dog Pounds Brown Ale Of Choice 19C: American Brown Ale

Table 13: IPA (11 entries)

1stMichael VandervoortSo Hopped It Hurts 21A: American IPA
2ndKevin O'ReillyJuice This21B: Specialty IPA
3rdTyrone Keep
Co-Brewer: Aaron Krywicki
Sir Hopsalot21B: Specialty IPA

Table 14: Am. Porter and Stout (10 entries)

1stBrian RustBourbon Oaked Stout20C: Imperial Stout
2ndKyle DyckStout American20B: American Stout
3rdTravis WiensDark As A Black Steer's Tookus On A Moonless Prairie Night20C: Imperial Stout

Table 15: Fruit Beer (7 entries)

1stAlvaro ReyesPlum Patersbier29A: Fruit Beer
2ndSteve ShawSoniarita29B: Fruit and Spice Beer
3rdMichael VandervoortMooooooo Mango NIPA29B: Fruit and Spice Beer

Table 16: Historical, Alternative, and Smoked Beer (9 entries)

1stCory DayHellcat27A7: Pre-Prohibition Lager
2ndTravis Mushanski
Co-Brewer: Nathan Kary
Thar She Gose!27A1: Gose
3rdKevin CollinsSmoked Lager32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer

Table 17: Strong American. and Wood Aged Beer (7 entries)

1stTyrone Keep
Co-Brewer: Jason Toews
It's Dark Inside33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
2ndJeffrey ArcherBrew Of The Ushkuiniks33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
3rdJay BauerGalleon ESB33A: Wood-Aged Beer

Table 18: SHV (12 entries)

1stCory DayGalactic Overlord30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndPaul HeslopGesundheit Zombie30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdMatt BraunWhere's The Burn!30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 19: Specialty Beer (7 entries)

1stKevin CollinsAmigo, Are Choo Gettin' Fresh With Me?34C: Experimental Beer
2ndSteve ShawThe Nutty Professor34C: Experimental Beer
3rdKyle WudrichTropical Fling34C: Experimental Beer

Table 20: Dark Belgian Beer (11 entries)

1stGreg PatersonGolden Westy 12 #1 4EVA26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2ndBenjamin LoewenThe Dubbel26B: Belgian Dubbel
3rdCory SolyomQuadriceps Femoris 26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Table 21: Pale Belgian Ale (10 entries)

1stGreg PatersonPray The Gay Away26A: Trappist Single
2ndTravis WiensWit CG24A: Witbier
3rdEric HussmannPan Pacific Belgian25A: Belgian Blond Ale

Table 22: Sour and Wild Ales (14 entries)

1stCasey Murray
Co-Brewer: Tyrone Keep, Aaron Krywicki, And Jason Toews
Flanders23B: Flanders Red Ale
2ndDean KellyTartigrade Lemonade28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
3rdAaron KrywickiOakily Dokiley23B: Flanders Red Ale

Table 23: Saison (13 entries)

1stChelsea TessierDuck Saison, Wabbit Saison25B: Saison
2ndNik KozubNik's Fave Saison25B: Saison
3rdCory DaySaison25B: Saison

Table 24: Cider (8 entries)

1stKyle WudrichJan's GardenC1A: New World Cider
2ndDustin BanksNight At The Improv; Achtymichuk's Crabapple CiderC1A: New World Cider
3rdBeth Otto Blueberry Blast Cider C2B: Cider with Other Fruit

Table 25: Mead (13 entries)

1stKevin CollinsThere's Bees On My FeetM2B: Pyment
2ndTravis WiensCostco MeadM1B: Semi-Sweet Mead
3rdTyrone KeepOrange You GladM1C: Sweet Mead